barron_lowellray_14[1]Chairman of the Board

Lowell Ray Barron II
The Vantage Group, LLC
Fyffe, AL

As President of Vantage Development, Vantage Management, Vantage Partners, Vantage Construction, All Temp Windows, and The Vantage Group, LLC, Lowell Barron, II is a developer, general contractor and multi-site business manager. Mr. Barron has extensive knowledge in the LIHTC Program, HOME Program, and Rural Development’s housing programs, as well as regulation, reporting and compliance of other federal and state housing programs.

Mr. Barron is a former President of ALCARH, founding member and current President of their Political Action Committee. As president, he oversaw the creation of the ALCARH scholarship program that targets students who live in affordable housing in the state of Alabama. Mr. Barron serves as Treasurer of the National CARH Scholarship Foundation. He was appointed to the National CARH Board of Directors in 2007 and currently serves on the CARH Executive Board as Vice President. He is a member of the Alabama Housing Coalition, Alabama Home Builders Association and Fannie Mae South East Advisory Council (2000-2002). He is a frequent presenter and moderator at housing-related conferences.

Mr. Barron is a graduate of Auburn University, and a licensed General Contractor in the States of Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia, Tennessee, North Carolina and South Carolina.