Herbert “Chip” Peterson
CMS Management
Corinth, MS

Herbert J. “Chip” Peterson, III, owns CMS Management, LLC and CMS Real Estate Development, LLC, both headquartered in Corinth, Mississippi. With over 17 years of Rural Development (RD) and Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) management experience, the CMS portfolio has expanded to include 107 affordable and subsidized properties in Illinois, Indiana, Louisiana, Mississippi, Ohio, Tennessee, West Virginia and Wisconsin for a total of 3871 units.

Mr. Peterson oversees the physical and financial operations of all properties and continually seeks out development opportunities year-round in order to provide long-term housing options to even more people throughout this region and beyond. CMS Management is based on the fundamentals of “hands-on” management and Mr. Peterson is proud that this approach is accomplished by a team relationship between onsite staff at all locations and the supervisory staff at the home office.

Personally, Mr. Peterson has achieved the Housing Credit Certified Professional (HCCP) designation and is an active member of the Affordable Housing Association of Indiana (AHAIN), the Louisiana Association of Affordable Housing Providers (LAAHP), the Rural Rental Housing Association of Louisiana (RRHA), the Housing Association of Mississippi (HAM), the Tennessee Association of Affordable Housing (TAAH), the Virginia Council for Affordable & Rural Housing (VCARH) and the Wisconsin Council for Affordable & Rural Housing (WI-CARH).

Mr. Peterson received his Bachelor of Business Administration from the University of Mississippi in May, 1993. He and his wife, Angel, make their home in Corinth and are proud parents to daughters Parker and Pierce.