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Letter to Senate Finance Committee Community Development and Infrastructure Working Group

On April 15, 2015, CARH sent a letter to the Senate Finance Committee and their Community Development and Infrastructure Working… Continue reading

Scholarship Application Deadline – Thursday, April 30th

REMINDER                   … Continue reading

Section 538 Guaranteed Rural Rental Housing Loan Program – Loan-To-Cost Threshold Raised to 70%

CARH’S BROADCAST E-MAIL – Regulatory Update

April 17, 2015

CARH has been the main advocate for the Section 538 Guaranteed… Continue reading

Scholarship Application Deadline Fast Approaching


April 16, 2015

As announced originally in a broadcast e-mail dated February 11th, the CARH… Continue reading

Reminder: Scholarship Application Deadline – April 30th


April 3, 2015

The CARH Scholarship Foundation is currently accepting applications for the five scholarships offered in… Continue reading