CARH Website Upgrade – Member Passwords


January 12, 2015

Last week, we notified members of CARH’s updated website,  The website has been completely revamped and has a new layout that is easier to read, more user-friendly, and provides better functionality.

Additionally, CARH members have easier access to the Members Only section, which includes member directories, newsletter archives, forms and other best practices, and much more.  Since the new website was written in a different programing language, passwords that were created using the old website, were unable to transfer.  Therefore, it is important that you create a new password for the new website.

Click here to go directly to the page that will allow you to reset your password.  You will see language and a link with simple instructions on resetting your password.  Once it has been reset, in the future, you will only need to click on the Member Login button and enter your username and password in the appropriate boxes.  (Please note, you will need to have your username in order to change your password.  If you do not have your username, please contact Tamara Schultz at and she will send you both your username and a temporary password.)

We encourage you to explore CARH’s new website and provide us with your feedback at or 703-837-9001.

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