HUD Multifamily for Tomorrow: Wave 2 Update

September 10, 2014

Ben Metcalf, HUD's Deputy Assistant Secretary Office of Multifamily Housing Programs sent the following message on the Multifamily for Tomorrow Transformation:

Dear Partners and Stakeholders,


As you know, the Office of Multifamily Housing is moving forward with the Multifamily for Tomorrow (MFT) Transformation. Through MFT, Multifamily Housing will modernize and improve our business model while fostering an exceptional environment for employees. Elements of this initiative include workload sharing, digitization of property records, adopting industry best practices in Production and Asset Management, and streamlining the Multifamily organizational structure.

The second wave of MFT has started in the following offices:  Chicago, Minneapolis, Detroit, Columbus, Cleveland, Indianapolis, and Milwaukee. These offices will be streamlined into one Midwest Region, with Chicago serving as the Regional Center and Minneapolis and Detroit serving as the Regional Satellite Offices. Asset Management will continue to operate in the remaining field offices.

To support staff during this transition, Multifamily Housing will reallocate some of the work through workload sharing to different Multifamily offices or to third-party vendors in Production (Summit Consulting, LLC) and Asset Management (Alpine Companies, Inc.).   Below, you will find information on how this will impact Production and Asset Management in affected offices.


Beginning October 15, 2014, all applications for the Midwest Region, including Chicago, Minneapolis, Detroit, Columbus, Cleveland, Indianapolis, and Milwaukee, must be sent to a single point of contact for processing.  The following procedures will be implemented to ensure the timely processing of applications:

1. Lenders will submit electronic copies (CDs) of the applications to:

Production Division
Office of Multifamily Housing
U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development
77 West Jackson Boulevard
Chicago, IL 60604-3507

2. Applications will be uploaded and assigned to a Regional Center/Satellite Office or to Summit Consulting, LLC for processing;

3. Lenders will be notified of the office processing the application and receive instructions from the Midwest Regional Center in Chicago on where to forward hard copies of the application;

4. Until further notice, all concept meetings will be conducted in the current program centers.

Asset Management:

Many transactions in the existing Chicago, Minneapolis, Detroit, and Columbus Hubs, including Cleveland, Indianapolis, and Milwaukee, will soon be shifted to other locations.  Property owners and lenders who are impacted will receive notification with directions for contacting the appropriate HUD or Alpine Companies, Inc. representative.  No servicing interruptions are expected.  We are committed to keeping you fully informed as we move forward with MFT.

For more information about the Multifamily for Tomorrow transformation, please visit or send us an email at  We appreciate your patience and understanding as HUD works to improve the delivery of our programs and our service to you.


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