Rural Development Publishes Procedural Notice Increasing Management Fees in 2015

Regulatory Update

September 29, 2014

As mentioned in a broadcast email dated August 12, 2014, the national Rural Development (RD) office informed CARH and other industry groups that they will allow an increase in the management fee limits for 2015.  In that email, we stated that the increase would not be official until the Procedural Notice (PN) was issued by RD.  Today, RD published Procedural Notice 472 which sets the official management fees for 2015.  There are no changes in the fee amounts than those that were provided in the earlier broadcast email.

CARH will continue to work with RD and to advocate for CARH's entire management fee proposal that was outlined in the August 12 broadcast email.

Please contact the CARH national office at or 703-837-9001 should you have questions or concerns.    

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