CARH President, Chris Potterpin, and family.
CARH Chairman of the Board, Tammy Burtness
Session Speakers: Diane Hunt, Pam Borton, and Matt Melnick
CARH Exhibitor Chad Cook of Dixon Hughes Goodman
CARH Members: Amie Grey, Mitch Copman, and Cheryl Adams Rogers
CARH Members: Natalie Wells, Stephanie Dellinger, Cindy Snider, Anne Mannix, Charyl Luth, and Diane Salen
CARH Members at Annual Meeting session
Session Speaker: Mark English
RD Staff and CARH Members: Edgar Morales, Mike Zatelli, C.B. Alonso, and Chris Potterpin

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January 2023
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2023 Midyear Meeting

CARH’s 2023 Midyear Meeting will be held January 23-25, 2023, at the Cheeca Lodge & Spa in Islamorada, Florida. The 2022 Harry L. Tomlinson, Member of the Year, and State Affiliated Association of the Year Awards recipients will be announced. ...
Jan 23 - 25
Cheeca Lodge & Spa
Islamorada, FL
June 2023
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June 2024
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