E&A Team’s Online Training

E&A Team, Inc. offers effective and engaging online fair housing training. Taught by top industry professionals and experts, the courses are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Upon successful completion of any course, you can print your own Certificate of Completion. Each course contains a downloadable course manual that can be used as a resource long after the course has been completed!

E&A Team offers discounts to companies with five or more enrollees. They also offer large companies the ability to track their employees’ training so that they can view each individual’s progress, see test scores, and print copies of certificates.

To register for any E&A Team course, please visit http://EandATeam.learnupon.com/store

The following courses are currently available:

Fair Housing:  Are You Up to the “Test?”
In this exciting new training, the learner takes on the role of a newly-hired tester and learns the basics of fair housing.  The “tester” is taught what to look for when evaluating properties for possible fair housing discrimination claims.  Once the learner knows what testers are looking for, they can apply the principles and knowledge they gained to their real-life role in property management!

Service & Assistance Animals
An overview of the most pressing and complicated issue in managing properties today — how to address requests by applicants and tenants for assistance animals.

Violence Against Women Act’s Protections and Affordable Housing
In this hour and a half session E&A Team’s Compliance Trainer, Amanda Lee Gross, will delve deep into the Violence Against Women Act’s protections as it relates to affordable housing.

More courses are in production, so check the E&A Team website (www.EandATeam.com/online-training) frequently for updates!

Grace Hill Online Training

CARH, in partnership with Grace Hill, is proud to provide the highest quality online educational offerings in the industry. Developed by Grace Hill, these courses offer a unique interactive learning experience aimed at enhancing the quality of work at all levels in our industry.



When you are ready to begin training, simply click the “Online Training” button below.  From site-level employees to corporate personnel and everyone in between, 24/7 education is available to you with the click of a mouse.


Please contact the CARH national office at carh@carh.org or 703-837-9001 if you have any questions.

Basic Apartment Management (BAM) Course

CARH’s BAM Course will provide your on-site managers with the professional skills they need to manage a multimillion-dollar real estate investment efficiently and effectively.  The course covers a wide variety of topics to prepare managers for most any on-site situation.  Past students of this course have praised it for providing practical, useful information that has helped them gain a clearer understanding of their role on-site.  The course will also save you money through the important tips and techniques to lower maintenance and operating expenses. This 2-day program is taught by  Karen Crosta, a nationally-acclaimed trainer with over 20 years experience in the industry!  All attendees receive a 139-page course manual.  An examination is given at the end of the second day.

Partial List of Topics Covered in CARH’s BAM Course:
• Financial & Fiduciary Responsibilities
• Leadership and Time Management
• Maintenance & Repair
• Site Safety & Security
• Administering the Site Office
• Resident Relations
• Evictions
• Emergency Procedures
• Fire Safety
• Community Resources
• Illegal Activity

CARH’s Guide to Speakers and Trainers

CARH’s recommended Speaker List is a valuable tool for meeting planning. Please click here to download the most recent copy. (CARH is currently updating the Speakers and Trainers Guide. Please contact CARH if you need information before the update is complete.) CARH continuously update this list to reflect member preferences and quality recommendations. CARH values your opinions and looks to continue to offer this list as a helpful up-to-date reference.  Please email carh@carh.org with your comments and suggestions.