Past Award Recipients

Below are the lists of recipients of the Harry L. Tomlinson, Member of the Year and the State Affiliated Association of the Year Awards.

Past recipients of CARH’s Harry L. Tomlinson Award include:

2022Jeff Merkley, US Senate - Oregon
2021Maxine Waters, US House of Representatives - California 43rd District
2020No Recipient Due to Global Coronavirus Pandemic
2019Maria Cantwell, US Senate - Washington
2018Pat Tiberi, former US Representative, 12th District - Ohio, Columbus, OH
2017Stephanie White, Director, Multifamily Portfolio Management, Rural Development, Washington, DC
2016Andrew E. Finkel, Assistant Director, Financial Markets and Community Investment, Government Accountability Office, Washington, DC
2015Benjamin T. Metcalf, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Multifamily Housing, HUD, Washington, DC
2014Carl W. Wagner, Senior Vice President, Lancaster Pollard Mortgage Company, OH
2013Kim Herman, Executive Director, Washington State Housing Finance Commission, WA
2012Stephen Nnodim, Program Director/Multi-family Housing, USDA-RD, CA
2011Richard Bender, Legislative Assistant, Senator Tom Harkin's (D-IA) Office, DC
2010Don Harris, Housing Program Director, Tennessee Rural Development Office, USDA, TN
2009Patricia M. Baker, Housing Program Director, Delaware Rural Development Office, USDA, DE
2008    E. Carlton Jarratt, Jr., Senior Loan Specialist and Team Leader, Office of Preservation and Direct Loan Program, USDA, Washington, DC
2007Hal Keller, Ohio Capital Corporation for Housing, Columbus, OH
2006William “Bill” Simpson, U.S. Senate Appropriations Committee, Washington, DC
2005Yvonne R. Emerson, Multi-Family Housing Program Director, USDA, LA
2004William D. Faith, Executive Director, Coalition on Homelessness and Housing in Ohio (COHHIO), Columbus, OH
2003Gary A. Rothrock, Community Programs Director, USDA, PA
2002James B. Harris, Dir. of Multi-Family Housing & Community Facilities Program, USDA, AL
2001Sherry Engel, Director, Multi-Family Housing, USDA, WI
2000Larry Anderson, Director, Office of Rental Housing Preservation, USDA, DC
1999Gerald Arnott, Housing Program Director, USDA, OH
1998Charles H. Marcks, Multi-Family Coordinator, USDA, MO
1997Ronald W. Whitfield, Acting State Director, USDA, FL
1996Barbara Wallace, Tax Credit Coordinator, AL Housing Finance Authority, AL
1994Charles, C. DeRamus, Rural Housing Chief, USDA, AL
1993Anita W. Blackburn, District Loan Specialist, USDA, NM
1992Danny H. Magee, Sr., Multi-Family Coordinator & State Architect, USDA, LA
1991Marvin E. Aylsworth, Assistant District Director, USDA, OH
1990Peter Lorey, Rural Housing Chief, USDA, NY
1989Roy Walker, Multi-Family Coordinator, USDA, KY
1988Richard M. Temple, Multi-Family Coordinator, USDA, MI
1987Betty Bridges, Multi-Family Coordinator, USDA, NC
1986Willene Howell, Multi-Family Coordinator, USDA, IN
1985Amos E. Orcutt, Multi-Family Coordinator, USDA, ME
1983Harry L. Tomlinson, Rural Housing Chief, USDA, WV(Awarded posthumously)

Past recipients of CARH’s Member of the Year Award include:

2022 Rob Hall, Bonneville Multifamily Capital, Salt Lake City, UT
2021 Bob Margolis, TM Associates, Rockville, MD
2020 No Recipient Due to Global Coronavirus Pandemic
2019 Rodney Corley, ARD, Inc., Tuscaloosa, AL
2018 Tanya Eastwood, Greystone Affordable Development, Raleigh, NC
2017 Mel Nagata, Waipahu Jack Hall Hawaii Housing Corporation, Honolulu, HI
2016 Katherine Alitz, Boston Capital, Boston, MA
2015 Kevin Flynn, Flynn Management Corporation, Clearwater, FL
2014 David Layfield,; Green Street Housing, Salisbury, MD
2013 Don Beaty, The Summit Group, Seattle, WA
2012Charles Bringardner, HD Supply, Roswell, GA
2011Robert Rice, Jr., Lutheran Homes of Michigan, Frankenmuth, MI
2010Todd Fentress, Clark Schaefer Hackett, Columbus, OH
2009Michael F. Burke, RAHE, AWI Management Corporation, Auburn, CA
2008    Pamela Borton, Southwind Management Services, Inc., Clearwater, FL
2007Lowell Ray Barron, II, The Vantage Group, LLC, Fyffe, AL
2006Bruce Baird, Belmont Management Company, Inc., Buffalo, NY
2005Mark English, E & A Services, Inc., Tuscaloosa, AL
2004Betty Bridges, GLB Associates, Raleigh, NC
2003Tom Flynn, Flynn Management & Development Corporations, Clearwater, FL
2002William C. Shumaker, Provident Management, Inc., Mansfield, OH
2001Robert P. Yoder, Sr., RAHE, Warrior Run Development Co., Turbotville, PA
2000Joseph G. Poehler, Joseph G. Poehler & Associates, Inc., Waterville, MN
1999Mitch Copman, SEMS Technologies/Yardi Systems, Inc., Suwanee, GA
1998James Poehlman, T & C Associates, S.C, Madison, WI
1997Travis Miller, The Miller Companies, Shreveport, LA

Past recipients of CARH’s State Affiliated Association of the Year Award include:

2022 Carolinas Council for Affordable Housing (CCAH)
2021Housing Association of Mississippi (HAM)
2020No Recipient Due to Global Coronavirus Pandemic
2019Affordable Housing Association of Alabama (AHAA)
2018Council for Rural Housing and Development of Ohio (CRHDO)
2017Affordable Housing Association of Indiana (AHAIN)
2016Rural Rental Housing Association of Texas (RRHA TX)
2015Michigan Rural Development Council (MRDC)
2014Minnesota Council for Affordable and Rural Housing (MNCARH)
2013Florida Council for Affordable and Rural Housing (FLCARH)
2012Missouri Council for Affordable Rental Housing (MOCARH)
2011    Wisconsin Council for Affordable and Rural Housing (WI-CARH)
2010Washington Council for Affordable and Rural Housing (WACARH)
2009Tennessee Association of Affordable and Rural Housing (TAAH)
2008Housing Association of Mississippi (HAM)
2007Rural Rental Housing Association of Indiana (RRHAIN)  (now Affordable Housing Association of Indiana (AHAIN))
2006Alabama Council for Affordable and Rural Housing (ALCARH) (now Affordable Housing Association of Alabama (AAHA))
2005Council for Rural Housing and Development of Ohio (CRHDO)

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