CARH’S BROADCAST E-MAIL – Regulatory Alert

Today, Rural Development (RD) announced that Dan Rogers will become the Director of Production and Preservation for RD’s Multifamily Housing Field Operations Division. Mr. Roger has over 20 years of experience in affordable housing in both urban and rural America.

RD’s announcement, from Nancie-Ann Bodell, Deputy Administrator for Multifamily Housing, is as follows:

I’m happy to announce that Dan Rogers will join our Multifamily organization as Director of Production and Preservation, effective May 24, 2021.

Dan brings over 20 years of dedicated, mission-based experience providing affordable housing opportunities in both urban and rural America. He has worked in local, state and federal government, honing a deep skill set in the full spectrum of affordable housing finance and oversight techniques. He is also a seasoned leader of people, managing and empowering and supporting staff to be successful and accomplished.

Dan is never deterred by a challenge and has used his skills to execute on the thorniest of deals with layered capital stacks, complex ownership structures and extensive rehabilitation needs, all to enable low and very low-income families to have housing opportunity. Dan’s deep and committed experience in affordable multifamily finance and asset management, as well as his leadership skills make him the perfect fit to head up our Production and Preservation team.

Dan lives with his wife and two young daughters in Canton, MA. He enjoys sports, music, outdoor activities, and is active in the local youth sports community. Please join me in extending Dan a hearty team Multifamily welcome.

CARH looks forward to working with the Dan Rogers in his new role.