The Federal Housing Finance Agency sent out the following information today:


FHFA has reviewed Fannie Mae’s and Freddie Mac’s revised Duty to Serve Proposed Underserved Markets Plans (Plans) for 2022-2024 and determined that neither Plan meets the DTS Non-Objection standard for any of the three underserved markets.

The Agency has directed both Enterprises to submit additional revisions to improve the Plans’ impact on all three DTS underserved markets. In the meantime, however, DTS implementation will continue without interruption based on objectives in the Enterprises’ current proposed Plans.

Under the DTS Program, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac prepare and submit 3-year Plans detailing their activities to serve the manufactured housing, rural housing, and affordable housing preservation markets. FHFA reviews and issues Non-Objections to those Plans, based on the intended impact in each market. The first Plan cycle concluded in 2021 and the Enterprises are developing Plans for the second cycle covering 2022-2024.

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