On March 22, 2023 – HUD’s Multifamily Housing Asset Management sent out the following information:

Multifamily Housing Partners,

Today, in an effort to address complexities associated with Section 8 Project-based Rental Assistance (PBRA) Housing Assistance Payment (HAP) contract bifurcations, in which single HAP contracts are divided into two or more HAP contracts following HUD approval, the Office of Multifamily Housing (MFH) programs posted a draft housing notice to the Drafting Table for public feedback.

Input is due by 5:00 PM Eastern time on Monday, April 24, 2023, and should be sent to AssetManagementPolicy@hud.gov.

The notice proposes to establish clear standards for HUD approval of requests from owners to bifurcate Section 8 PBRA HAP contracts. It also proposes a set of steps for the processing of approved requests. HUD has developed this notice to reduce the administrative burden on owners and other MFH stakeholders, all of whom will benefit from clarification of the policies that govern HUD’s consideration of bifurcation requests.

HUD actively solicits your input on the notice and looks forward to presenting a final version that considers the feedback received prior to the deadline.