HUD Office of Housing sent the following information:

The final version of the HUD 52671-E CSP Request  form to be used in owner submissions is now posted. Please see the new “Tips and Explanations” document for how to complete the form.

The COVID-19 Supplemental Payments Housing Notice makes more than $180 million in supplemental operating funds available to owners/agents of Multifamily assisted properties for protecting residents and staff from COVID-19.

Owners can now submit payment requests for expenses incurred through October 31, 2021. The deadline to submit reimbursement requests to HUD or the Contract Administrator is November 19, 2021.

Please see the Frequently Asked Questions document for assistance in this process. The FAQ provides important clarifications on eligible expenditures and transaction timeframes, including accommodations for delays in the delivery and installation of certain capital items.

Property owners and management agents should contact their assigned HUD Account Executive or Contract Administrator with any questions about property eligibility for a CSP.