CARH Broadcast Email—Legislative Update


As you know from CARH’s broadcast email yesterday, the Trump Administration, through the Centers for Disease Control, issued an Agency Order that imposes a moratorium on evictions, nation-wide, through at least December 31, 2020. The order is effective tomorrow, September 4th.

This moratorium, together with Congress’ failure to act on an emergency rental assistance plan (as outlined in CARH’s August 24th broadcast email), places the stability of the entire rental housing sector in danger. Without rental assistance, the real estate industry is being mandated to shoulder an unrecoverable financial burden that could lead to the greatest rental housing crisis of our lifetime.

CARH, together with several  national associations that represent for-profit and non-profit owners, developers, managers, housing cooperatives, lenders, and housing agencies involved in providing affordable rental and cooperative housing, have sent this letter to Congress. In the letter, we urge Congress to taking immediate and meaningful action to provide stable and dedicated rental and unemployment assistance.

Please feel free to share this letter with your members of Congress. Only through immediate action can Congress pull the country back from a potentially imminent housing crisis.

Should you have any questions before or after you contact your member of Congress,  please contact CARH at or 703-837-9001. In addition, if more information is needed on any of the issues, we are happy to provide this information to you or to the Congressional Offices.