thumb_colleen[1]Executive Director

Colleen M. Fisher
Alexandria, VA

Colleen M. Fisher became Executive Director of the Council for Affordable and Rural Housing (CARH) in August, 1996. CARH represents the interests of over 300 companies that are involved in the building, development, financing, management and ownership of housing in rural areas across the country.

Ms. Fisher serves on the board of directors for the National Affordable Housing Preservations Associates, Inc. (NAHPA). NAHPA, chartered in 1998, is a national non-profit dedicated to promoting the long-term preservation of rural housing properties throughout the United States. Ms. Fisher is also a member on the Advisory Board for the Housing and Development Reporter (HDR) and a board member of the Fredericksburg, Virginia Festival of the Arts Council. She also served for two years on Fannie Mae’s National Housing Advisory Council.

Prior to becoming CARH’s Executive Director, Ms. Fisher was Industry Relations Manager in the Resolution Trust Corporation’s (RTC) National Marketing Department in Washington, D.C. for four years. The RTC was the quasi-government agency established in 1989 to sell the assets from the failed savings and loan across the country. The RTC, by statute, ended operations on December 31,1995. As the RTC’s Industry Relations Manager, Ms. Fisher was the principal liaison between the RTC and the various national real estate and financial services trade association groups and their members. Ms. Fisher also played a major role in the development of complex marketing campaigns which resulted in the sale of over $395 billion in real estate and loans throughout the country.

From 1983-1991, Ms. Fisher was Vice President for Government Relations for the National Apartment Association (NAA). In this capacity, Ms. Fisher worked on several major pieces of legislation that impacted the multihousing industry in the tax, environmental and financial arenas. Ms. Fisher began her career in Washington, D.C. by working in the United States Senate. She was a Legislative Assistant for now former Senator Richard S. Schweiker (R.Pa.). Ms. Fisher also was a Majority Professional Staff member on the United States Senate Appropriations Committee, where she worked for now former Senator Jake Garn (R.Ut.) on the HUD-VA and Independent Agencies Subcommittee.

Ms. Fisher received her Bachelor of Arts degree from Georgetown University and her Master’s degree from George Washington University. Both universities are located in Washington, D.C.