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Tidwell Group, LLC
2001 Park Place, Suite 900
Birmingham, AL  35203
205-930-5509 (fax)
Barry Tidwell;
4249 Easton Way, Ste. 210
Columbus, OH 43219
Todd Fentress:
Consulting Areas: Affordable Housing; Conventional Real Estate; Not-for-Profit Industries

Tidwell Group, LLC is a full-service accounting and consulting firm with expertise serving clients in all aspects of the real estate industry throughout the United States. Our experienced professionals serve all asset classes within the affordable housing, conventional real estate, and not-for-profit industries. Within the affordable housing industry, our expertise ranges from low income housing tax credits, bond and conventional financing, HUD compliance and reporting, and USDA-Rural Development compliance and reporting. Our focus is developing long-term client relationships through value driven results.