On June 16, 2023, HUD sent the following information:

NSPIRE Standards that Align & Consolidate Inspection Requirements in Assisted & Insured Housing

HUD announced the pending publication of the Final Inspection Standards Notice for the National Standards for the Physical Inspection of Real Estate (NSPIRE) in the Federal Register. The Notice marks HUD’s first comprehensive overhaul of its inspection Standards in more than 20 years; and it details inspectable items at HUD-assisted and Multifamily-insured properties. This includes a classification of conditions which are considered life-threatening, severe, moderate, or low risk by item and inspectable area. Additionally, the Notice commits HUD to review standards at least every three years.  NSPIRE improves HUD’s oversight by aligning and consolidating inspection regulations used to evaluate HUD housing across multiple programs.

About the NSPIRE Final Standards

The final standards were published with changes considering the feedback that HUD received, and additional testing in the field during the NSPIRE Demonstration. Major changes include:

  • Addressing life-threatening and severe deficiencies within 24 hours. All other deficiencies must be addressed within 60 days or a reasonable period.
  • Making the Smoke Alarm Standard consistent with the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Standard 72.
  • Creating a Fire Door Standard detailing the specific function, operability, and structural integrity requirements for fire doors.
  • Requiring carbon monoxide alarms to be installed in compliance with the 2018 International Fire Code.
  • Setting minimum temperature requirements during the colder months and requiring a permanent heating source.
  • Including criteria for when guardrails and handrails are required.
  • Developing deficiencies based on observed mold conditions or elevated moisture levels measured using a moisture meter.

Help with Implementation

HUD is developing training that will include a combination of PowerPoint presentations, infographics and instructional videos including video on the NSPIRE Standards that will be posted on the NSPIRE website. For more information on NSPIRE, visit the NSPIRE homepage. Questions can be sent to NSPIRE@hud.gov.