The Office of Multifamily Housing’s Production and Preservation Division is issuing standardized appraisal assignment guidance for the following Multifamily Housing Programs:  Section 515 Direct Loans, Section 514/516 Farm Labor Housing and the Multifamily Housing Preservation & Revitalization (MPR). The guidance replaces the need for owners to request specific appraisal assignment guidance for each individual transaction. Under the new guidance, an applicant will download the applicable appraisal assignment guidance, based on their specific transaction, and provide the guidance to their appraiser prior to obtaining an appraisal. Once the owner’s appraisal is completed in accordance with the new appraisal assignment guidance, the applicant will submit that appraisal, along with the complete application package to the agency. The appraisal must be submitted with the application. If an appraisal is submitted prior to application submission, it will be returned to the applicant.

You can find the appraisal assignment guidance documents in the following locations:

Multifamily Housing Direct Loans | Rural Development ( (“To Apply” tab)
Off-Farm Labor Housing Direct Loans & Grants | Rural Development ( (“To Apply” tab)
On-Farm Labor Housing Loans | Rural Development ( (“To Apply” tab)
Multifamily Housing Programs | Rural Development ( (“Quick Links”)

For any questions, please reach out to Jonathan Bell, Director of the Processing and Report Review Branches at  Thank you.