RD’s Office of Multifamily Housing issued the following announcement on January 23, 2023:

The Rural Housing Service (RHS) recently posted revisions to the Guaranteed Rural Rental Housing Program (GRRHP) Origination and Servicing Handbook.  These revisions included a correction to Attachment 4-A GRRHP Application Checklist in Chapter 4, to align the Market Study and Appraisal submission requirements with Chapters 3 and 4 of the Handbook.  Attachment 4-A now clearly indicates that both a Market Study and an Appraisal must be included in lender application packages.

Other updates included language for the new lease up reserve calculation that was announced in a Federal Register Notice dated September 6, 2022 and all references to “State Office” were replaced with “the Agency” to reflect the realignment of the Office of Multifamily Housing.

Please contact Jonathan Bell, Branch Director, Processing and Report Review at jonathan.bell@usda.gov with any questions or requests for clarification.