Sidewalk Repair

Grind-All/Walkway Restoration, Inc.
4523 Brookpark Rd.
Parma, OH  44134
Michael Zatelli;

GrindAll Concrete Grinding is the fast, inexpensive solution to problems such as raised concrete, raised curbs, pitted concrete and paint that needs removal. GrindAll Concrete Grinding is the most effective alternative to sidewalk replacement. This repair technology eliminates trip hazards from all pedestrian walkways. Rather than replace existing cement that is still in good condition, the cement is ground down to eliminate the trip hazard. The GrindAll system complies with ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) standards. The ADA defines a trip hazard as any vertical change of 1/4″ or more at a joint or crack. Therefore for every 1-inch in height we grind we will grind back 12 inches in order to give it a nice even slope that complies with ADA standards. The GrindAll system of concrete repair is rapidly becoming the preferred method among colleges & universities, property managers, maintenance directors & city service directors. Benefits of the GrindAll system include: • Saves time. The concrete grinding process is completed in a fraction of the time. • Saves money. Concrete grinding is completed at a fraction of the cost of replacing the sidewalk. • Weather is not a factor, concrete grinding is available year-round. • Grinding is effective on both concrete and asphalt. • Concrete grinding complies with the Americans Disabilities Act. • Eliminates noisy jackhammers, unsightly areas, messy removal, and replacing surrounding landscape. • Extremely effective on curbs and handicapped ramps. • Additional services include paint and stripe removal, resurfacing, and crack filling. • The two step process leaves the surface with a uniform smooth finish. We are confident you and your pedestrians will be 100% satisfied with our service. We look forward to adding you to our list of valued customers.